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Sound is primal

All religious and spiritual traditions have told us that the universe was created through sound. 

This is why sound has been used for millennia to facilitate great physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Sound restores balance in the spirit, mind, and body. It brings us back to our natural harmonic state, our state of Grace.

Human sound has been shown to elicit a more powerful physiological and emotional response in the body than other types of sound healing. Human sound is organic to us and will be accepted at the deepest level.

A healer is only as effective as the emotional and spiritual work that they have done to heal themselves. When we clear the false within us, we become a clear vessel through which God can deliver healing.

I am a Native American healer who tones and drums in the indigenous tradition. With a pure intention and an open heart, I receive from God what you need, and I am truly blessed to be of service to you.

In Gratitude and Love,

headshot of Janice Doochin

Janice, your ancestral gift of toning, drumming and healing is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is clear that it comes from something much bigger than this life time. I watched you use your gift to transform a group of strangers. What began as a curiosity for them became a Divine healing experience that deepened the bond of all who watched. You are an amazing women! I am changed for the better because of you.

John M.

Janice, your drumming and your toning were amazing. I was so moved by it and was so blessed you allowed me to experience your heritage...I felt the ending of your drumming was a call to Mother Mary, a cry to all women....You are such a wonderful women and I for one feel like you made me feel really safe and loved...God Bless

Jill R.

Listening to Janice drum felt other worldly, like racing through time and going back to witness a sacred practice less common in today's world. It was both electrifying and soothing. You are a vessel for some seriously spiritual force, and you totally let that be, rather than fight it. Your experience of being shamed as a child for being Native American allows for Divine tenderness, but you are also crazy FIERCE and ready to explode like a comet across the sky.

Pam P.

Q & A

I love the connection I feel to the ancestors when I tone as if there is a choir accompanying me. I love the feeling of the vibration throughout my body. And I can feel the "stuck" places become "unstuck" inside of me.

I hope others experience what I experience when I tone. I want them to reach inside their soul and pull out their tones, because we all have this inside of us. When you create that connection, you allow for healing, balance, and harmony.

Peacefulness, calmness, a reconnection to that first time we heard sound, which is primal. Energetic blocks are released when that connection occurs.

We live in difficult and rapidly changing times and it is important to connect to the God within. When you reconnect with your soul, healing can take place at many levels. So many of us have lost our voice. Sound healing through toning and drumming helps an individual reclaim their inner voice.

The healing that a person needs dictates the session, and each session is unique as I allow God to work through me. There are no hands placed on an individual. I will tone over you, often incorporating the drum. Many people lose track of time and space. You will often feel waves of energy pulsing through you. Some people have major emotional releases while others have major spiritual experiences. The cost of a session is $120.